Day 1 - First day of a new job

I just started a new test automation job.

I am excited about it and hope to contribute to the success of the automation team.

The first few days will be dedicated to learning new things.

About the company, the automation team, the company's products, the automation project.

The automation team is small, just me and 2 other persons.

The automation work will focus on websites for the first 6 months and on mobile and enterprise applications after that.

I received an office laptop but I will not be able to use it for the automation work.

All code will be written using a virtual machine that I will connect to from my work laptop.

This is the preferred way of working as it simplifies software installation and computer maintenance.

Virtual machines are slower in general than physical computers but we will see if this becomes a problem.

After the lunch break, one of my new colleagues gave me an introduction in the test automation project.

The project was created over a few years by a few third party companies.

It was built in Eclipse using Java as language.

It uses Maven for managing the dependencies, Selenium WebDriver as automation library and JBEHAVE for the automation scripts.

I dont know much about JBEHAVE but it should not be too difficult.

Just another Java library to learn.

The project has more than a thousand test automation scripts and approximately 100 page object classes.

It is stored in a TFS repository and no branching is used for development.

I am looking forward of learning more about it tomorrow.

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