Day 3 - About Automation Test Data

I mentioned already about the high number of existing test scripts.

I learned today about test data and how the scripts use it.

The test scripts are not independent from data.

On the contrary, they depend a lot on custom data.

If the data is not set up 100% correctly, the majority of the test scripts fail.

The data cannot be extracted from a database server and needs to be configured manually.

But this is not all.

The data is specific to a test environment.

It may work on one test environment but not at all on another.

Test data can also be changed by the test scripts.

When executed, the test scripts make changes to the test data so, the next time they run, since the data is no longer the same, they may fail.

To prevent this from happening, after the test data is set up, the data is saved.

Then it can be imported before the next test script execution.

What is a job without a good challenge?

More about the test data in the following days.

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