Test Ideas

When you run out of ideas of how to test a web application, please consult the Test Heuristics & Data Attacks list of Elisabeth Hendrickson.

You will find there lots of test ideas group by:

  • data type attacks
  • web tests
  • testing wisdom
  • heuristics
  • frameworks


Use Michael Bolton's suggestions of exploratory testing tours.

These are the tours:

- Happy Path
- Variable Tour
- Sample Data Tour
- Input Constraint Attack
- Documentation Tour
- File Tour
- Complexity Tour
- Menu, Window, and Dialog Tour
- Keyboard and Mouse Tour
- Interruptions
- Undermining
- Adjustments
- Dog Piling
- Continuous Use
- Feature Interactions
- Summon Help
- Click Frenzy
- Shoe Test
- Blink Test
- Error Message Hangover
- Resource Starvation
- Multiple Instances
- Crazy Configs

For the tours' details or for the original post, you can find it here.

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