Making It Big In Software

I learned about the existence of this book a while ago but read a review of it yesterday on Randall Rice's blog.

Here are a few excerpts:

Lightstone lays out all kinds of practical, real-world advice, such as "What to Look for in a Company." I like this list and it reinforces a key idea that you do not have to strike out on your own to make it big.

"1. Is this a company that has experience in building professional, high-quality systems?
2. Are there really talented people here I can learn from?
3. Is the position I’m being offered one that is interesting, with long-term growth potential on something I can believe in?
4. Do they have savvy business executives who really understand the business requirements for success and have a track record for delivering it?
5. Does the company have clarity of vision for the product it produces?
6. Is there an independent research arm?
7. How does the company innovate, and how profound has their innovation been?
8. Is the work environment pleasant and flexible, and does it suit my lifestyle?
9. Does the company seem stable? Do I believe it will still be around in ten years?
10. Is the pay in line with industry standards?"

I just bought it from Amazon for Kindle (book link here) and start reading it :)

Sounds like the type of testing book I like.


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