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The following images are taken from Edward De Bono's great book on lateral thinking.

They are an invitation on reading the book for learning how to think differently when testing.

So, the problem offered is the following: given a square, find as many ways as possible to divide it in 4 equal parts.

This is the square:

Before looking at the answers, try to come up by yourself with as many solutions as possible to dividing the square in 4 equal parts.

The next solutions are most interesting especially after you tried this exercise by yourself.

Good luck!!!

Scroll down in the page when done :)

The first easy way of dividing the square is this:

Another easy way follows:

Less obvious 2 solutions (black and blue) are:

Even less obvious 4 solutions (black, red, green, blue) are:

You think this is it, right?

More solutions are displayed below.

Keep scrolling ...................

And, yes, there is at least one more solution using circle arcs, which I cannot create because of lack of graphical skills. You will have to check the book for it but it is similar to the last solution.

Now, why is this important to testing?

It shows that no matter how you, as a tester, are testing any application functionality, there are many other ways that the same functionality can be tested by.

The book referred above explains a different and creative way of thinking, the lateral thinking.

Any tester interested in improving his skills should read it in my opinion.


PS: Sorry if the square actually looks like a rectangle, I noticed this mistake too late.

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