Scripting languages comparison

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Thoughts on test automation (Brett Pettichord)

Last week, I went through a lot of printed articles waiting to be read and among them were a few from Brett Pettichord on test automation.

If you don't know who he is, he wrote LESSONS LEARNED IN SOFTWARE TESTING with James Bach and Cem Kaner and is one of the experts in test automation.

The HOMEBREW TEST AUTOMATION article (available on has interesting comparisons between scripting languages as follows:

Ruby, Python and Perl are all supported by SELENIUM.

The article is rather old (2004) but the comparison is still useful especially for testers that consider learning their first scripting language.

This convinced me of learning Ruby so will give it a try in the next months.

So far, the only language I used for test automation is VB Script with QTP.

But I am open to better language alternatives, especially since QTP is so expensive and Selenium is free :)


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