Web Service testing with SOAP UI

Why learn web service testing?

A few reasons are that:

- most of the projects for integrating applications from different companies use web services for passing information from one side to the other

- if your company has a website for selling, lets say, furniture and the company has also mobile apps and mobile websites (iOS, Android, Windows), chances are high that web services are used for implementing functionality needed by all apps 

- if your company uses off-the-shelf products that implement business processes, chances are high that these products use web services

Now that you understand the significance of web service testing, let's look into how difficult it is to learn it.

Most of the tools for web service testing use well-known technologies like XML, XPATH and programming languages.

So if you have decent knowledge of XPATH and Java from other uTest university courses, you can apply them for web service testing.

Also, having some exposure to test automation and load testing is useful since there is web service test automation and web service load testing.

The tool that will be the focus of this course is SOAP UI from Smart Bear.

There is a free version that has 90% of functionalities and also a paid version.

The free version will be used in the course.

I wrote a short introduction for SOAP UI a few years ago.

You can find the links below:


Lots of new things were added since then and we will explore them together in this course.

The course will try to be as hands on as possible and have videos included so that you can practice at home the new skills.

For any questions on the content of this course, please email me at alex@alexsiminiuc.com

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