Test automation tips - create the correct project folder structure

When starting on test automation, a frequent mistake is that 

all project files are created in the src folder of the Eclipse project:

The src folder includes 

- test classes (HomePageScripts.java)

- page object classes (HomePage.java and ResultsPage.java)

- any other project files

This can be corrected easily by creating folders in the project for specific purposes:


framework folder

            page object class folder

            locator class folder

test scripts folder


Before working on the project folder structure, lets investigate a bit the project:

- source java files are stored in the src folder

- class files (created when the source files are compiled; the class files are needed for executing the code) are stored in the bin folder

The classpath file has 2 rules for this:

- first rule says that the source files are in the src folder

- the second rule says that, by default, all class files are created in the bin folder

Multiple steps are needed for getting the correct project structure:

1. remove the existing classpath entries

2. create a test folder under the src folder: src/test

3. add the following classpath entry

This rule means that for all java files from src/test, the class files will be created under target/test-classes.

4. build the project.

the target/test-classes folders are created as a result of the project build:

5. create the com.testproject.java package under the src/test folder:

6. move the HomePageScripts.java file to src/test/com/testproject/java

7. build the project

8. the following folders are added under target/test-classes: com/testproject/java

the HomePageScript.class file is stored in target/test-classes/com/testproject/java:

9. similarly, create a main folder under src

10. add a new entry to classpath for the src/main folder

This rule says that for all java files stored under src/main, the class files will be created under target/classes.

11. build the project

12. the target/classes folder is created

13. add the following package to src/main: com.testproject.java.framework.pageobject

14. move the page object class (HomePage.java) to the src/main/com/testproject/java/framework/pageobject

15. build the project and confirm that the class file is created in target/classes/com/testproject/java/framework/pageobject:

16. add the following package to src/main: com.testproject.java.framework.locators

17. move the Locators.java file to src/main/com/testproject/java/framework/locators

18. build the project

19. confirm that the Locators.class file is created in target/classes/com/testproject/java/framework/locators

20. open all java files and add the packages where different classes are stored:

21. run the project

At this moment, the project structure is much better than when we started:


    MAIN  --> folder used for framework files







   TEST  --> folder used for the test scripts




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