Get Started With Selenium Test Automation

Many manual testers want to expand their testing knowledge by learning test automation skills and programming.

They are interested in moving from manual testing to test automation or just in having more diverse skills and knowledge.

2 of the most popular test automation types are

- Selenium test automation for web sites

- Appium test automation for mobile applications

The test automation job trends for Selenium and Appium show how important test automation is these days for companies.

How can a manual tester start test automation?

Test automation is about many things such as

- using a programming language

- creating a test automation framework

- locating application elements

- running automated tests

A proper learning process is useful so that learning test automation is being done in a simple and incremental way.

If you are interested in getting started with test automation, the following test automation free tutorial for beginners will help you by providing information on

- reasons why test automation is difficult to learn for manual testers

- test automation skills

- test automation project phases

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