Trying to teach testing skills and judgement - eBook

I read yesterday an interesting ebook on teaching testing skills written by Rikard Edgren.

The ebook can be found on the site(site registration is required for download):

It describes Rikard's efforts on creating courses over 2 years for teaching testing to people that just graduated university.

I have selected from the book a few details that are useful for new testers:

Things that a new tester should learn about

> Asking the right questions

> Critical thinking

> Understanding what is important

> Rapid learning

> Seeing many perspective and test ideas

> Selecting effective test strategies

> Capturing serendipity

> Realizing when testing is good enough

Books that a new tester should read

> Lessons Learned in Software Testing – Cem Kaner, James Bach, Bret Pettichord

> Essential Test Design РTorbjörn Ryber

> Exploring Requirements – Daniel Gause, Jerry Weinberg

> Explore It! – Elisabeth Hendrickson

Testing Fundamentals

> Introduction to testing

> Think like a tester

> Test Strategy

> Exploratory and scripted testing

> Test design techniques I (function testing, domain testing, specification-based testing)

> Test design techniques II (risk-based testing, scenario testing)

> Bug reporting

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