Test Automation for the Londondrugs.com home page

The following 2 videos show how to create test automation scripts for the home page of the www.londondrugs.com web site. 

Please click on HD and then on 720 p to view the video clearly.

This short project goes through the following phases: 

1. identify the test cases to be automated for the home page of the site 

2. create the locators for elements used in the scripts from the home and results pages 

3. create the project in Eclipse 

4. add the Selenium jar files to the project 

5. create a new class 

6. add a JUNIT test script to the class 

7. write the code for the script 

8. debug errors in the code 

9. create the setUp and tearDown JUNIT methods 

10. optimize the script by:

  • removing any hard coded values
  • replacing implicit with explicit waits

11. create classes for each page and move the web driver code from the test script to class methods

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