Top 5 blog articles in 2015

The following articles had the most views from the readers of this blog in 2015.

How To Make Webdriver Scripts Faster

Collection of tips for improving the speed of Selenium WebDriver scripts

Create Selenium HTML Reports With Allure Framework

How-To article about generating HTML reports for Selenium scripts

How Much Java Do I Need To Learn For Selenium

For test automation, you need as much Java knowledge and skills as possible.
The Java skills are never enough.

How Does Selenium Webdriver Work

If you are curious how Selenium WebDriver works and interacts with the browser, this is what you should read.

Use Html Parser Libraries For Test Automation

There are cases when WebDriver is not the best option for automation.
Try checking that no link from a web page is broken with WebDriver.

HTML parsing libraries offer great speed, simple and powerful APIs.

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