Learn automation while you don't need it

I have been a software manual tester for 10 years.

Due to the regression tests that I do every other week, it is imperative that I get this function automated to help me with the rest of my job.

I regression test over 90 custom sites for my company and really need to get this done by February 2017.

Please help.

I received this message from a tester a few weeks ago.

He wanted to learn automation and programming and use these skills successfully in 2 months.

Which is very difficult to do.

I don't know why he did not start learning earlier.

He probably thought that will not need automation and his employer will hire a developer for the automation work.

So he did what many people do in similar occasions: postpone.

We don't like change and avoid it.

Our hope is that somehow things stay the same or we figure them out.

And a moment comes when we need change fast and results too.

This is when we realize the mistake of not starting ahead of time, when we don't need the new skills yet.

Fast change happens in stories and movies only.

Real change takes time and is done in small steps.

So, stop postponing learning programming and get started.

It does not matter if you need it in your job now or not.

You will need it sooner than you think.

Next December, you will be very happy that you started learning automation the year before.

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2 Responses to "Learn automation while you don't need it"

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