A day in the life of an automated tester

What does an automation engineer do?

What skills does he need?

How does a work day look like?

What problems does he face?

How are they solved?

What else except writing code is involved in test automation?

Are all automation jobs the same?

Test automation jobs are as diverse as the manual testing ones.

Many things can be different between 2 automation jobs:
  • application type: web site, mobile app, windows application or a console utility
  • programming language: automation is done mostly in Java and C# but also in Ruby, Python and JavaScript
  • automation library: open source (example: Selenium WebDriver, Appium, Robot Framework) or proprietary (UFT)
  • how the tests are designed: unit tests, behaviour integration tests, etc
  • project's design: page object model, page factory, keyword driven are just a few different models that can be used for automation

Test automation jobs can focus on different things.
Some create the automation project from scratch.
Others create tests for an existing framework or redesign existing automation frameworks.

Every job is about solving problems.

This series of articles aims to describe a day in the life of an automated tester, the problems that the tester has and their solutions.

Everything that follows is about a fictive job but inspired from reality.

Thanks for reading.

Day 4 - Page Object Model
Day 3 - About Automation Test Data
Day 2 - What Type Of Automation Job Is This?
Day 1 - First Day Of A New Job

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